December 16, 2018

University at Buffalo Computer Science Class of 2017

Honesty is Ubiquitous with Contentment

I’ve always been extremely dedicated when it comes to integrity. I think it’s very imperative to be an honest person. However, being honest is difficult.   Honesty takes both dedication and restraint. I can’t even recall how many assignments I’ve done poorer on than other students because I refused to cheat, copy, or lie my […]


Spring Break

Spring break was mellow; I decided to stay at the UB dorms and I hung out with my Brazilian friends. One of them is Lucas, whom I taught how to play baseball. He was excellent and would have played little league if he was born in the United States. I tried a lot of Marina’s […]

General , Recreation

The Internet Needs Another Blog

I figured I should do the internet a service and create a much needed blog about my life, experiences, and whatever else tickles my fancy at the University at Buffalo(where I currently dorm) and anywhere else abroad. I am a 21 year old Computer Science major in my junior year, my favorite color is orange, […]