December 16, 2018

University at Buffalo Computer Science Class of 2017

Just coming in for a quick update. I am in my senior year and finishing up school this July. Right now I’m excited about programming an Android app in Java for CSE 486 Distributed Systems. I had to learn concurrency, sockets, TCP, processes, etc. real fast for the first assignment. We’re making a chat app kind of like WhatsApp that will work across multiple devices. I didn’t think I’d like Computational Linguistics but I’m coming around to liking it. He is showing us sentiment analysis in language, something that would’ve helped me even more for my software engineering project. Theory of Computation is hard already. The guy that teaches it went to Oxford and Princeton, and was featured on NPR for being a chess master and for catching chess cheaters with algorithms. Cool stuff.

ThainĂ¡ and I are really great. I talk to her every day; recently we’ve been talking for about 2 hours everyday, but it feels so much faster. I haven’t seen her in about 6 months, but we’re really dedicated to each other and she’s just the sweetest thing; I’m saving up for a plane ticket for whomever can get to the other one first. She sent me candy and a bunch of letters for our 1 year and Valentine’s day. What a total sweetheart.

CSE is hard, but rewarding. I think I know more about how to think in the past 3.5 years than I did in all the years previous. I’m excited for it to be over, but at the same time I know I should enjoy it. I’m just glad I know enough now that I believe I can figure out any problem with enough time; I’ve come a really long way from my first program. They always say “you learn to learn” around the CSE department. It’s so true, just study enough and you can do anything.

Take care, world.


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