November 19, 2018

University at Buffalo Computer Science Class of 2017

I just read about the passing of free tuition in SUNY schools for students whose parents are making 100,000 or less (the student has to work in NY for the time they spent on the scholarship, however.) I can’t help but think this is a half-baked idea, and here’s a few quick reasons to think about:


Community colleges- I went to a community college for 2 years to save money, but if I had that scholarship, you better believe I would’ve just had NYS foot the bill for 4 years at UB.


Still doesn’t solve the tuition problem- making taxpayers pay for the tuition doesn’t solve the real problem of tuition being way too high. I can’t help but think some group of people that are already over paid are going to get over-over paid.


Punishes people in vigorous, future high paying curriculums- Generally, harder majors pay more when you get a job. If a chemical engineering major graduates with a communications major, the chemical engineering major will be more likely get a job in their field and it will most likely be higher paying. Since there aren’t as many jobs for communications majors, they may have to settle for a job at say, a retail store. Since they aren’t earning their full potential for lack of jobs, the cost of their tuition is not justified by their repayment in labor to the state and instead will be absorbed by the taxpayer with higher earnings and therefore higher taxes: the chemical engineer.


These are just my opinions and may have already (hopefully) been thought out by the state.


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