December 16, 2018

University at Buffalo Computer Science Class of 2017

Spring break was mellow; I decided to stay at the UB dorms and I hung out with my Brazilian friends. One of them is Lucas, whom I taught how to play baseball. He was excellent and would have played little league if he was born in the United States. I tried a lot of Marina’s home made Brazilian food and it was nothing less than superb. Oh, by the way, Thainá, who is perhaps the most captivating woman that I have ever met in all aspects, accepted to be my girlfriend. We are happily dating now. 

Also, I finally had enough time to build this website. I primarily wanted to make it so I could put source code up for potential employers to see and for them to get a feel for who I am, but I decided to change it to get a family/friends blog-gy feel as well. Why not get the best of both worlds?

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